Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When I order my hydraulic door, and the door is split for shipping, does the customer have to weld the door frame back together? Please reply soon. Thanks

A: Hydraulic door frames have bolted connections - that makes it quick and easy to assemble. The bolts are supplied with each Hydraulic Door!

Q: On the one piece hydraulic doors, does the power unit have to be positioned near the up/down station? I would like to place the hydraulic power unit in the back storage room where it will not be an eye sore.

A: Schweiss's one piece hydraulic power unit can be easily placed in any corner or room in a hangar building, so when inside the hangar building, you will only see the up/down station and not the hydraulic pump. Your one piece hangar door can be nicely finished off, to add a touch of class to your hangar home.

Q: Why do you recommend a window in the hydraulic doors?

A: So the operator can visually see whats parked in the doorway, or what may be passing by the one piece door that swings outward when opening.