About Hydraulic Doors

Hydraulic Door Systems

At Schweiss Doors, our knowledgeable team of seasoned overhead door professionals has decades of hydraulic door and manufacturing experience. When it comes to hydraulic door engineering, that's our business - Schweiss sets the standard. Schweiss Doors offers more than the competition. Why?

The Power Behind the Door

When Mike Schweiss founded Schweiss Doors, he saw the opportunity to fill a need in the overhead door market. Schweiss is always ready to shift gears to meet our customers' needs. That being said, the new style, our powerful hydraulic door, is the customer's #1 choice today. Schweiss gives the customer choices. The hydraulic overhead door has proven to be our best seller and we offer the best prices too.

The Door Leader

That's why Schweiss hydraulic doors hold their position as the #1 Hydraulic door, manufactured with the amazing Powerful Lift System! Time and time again, Schweiss Doors remains the commercial door industry icon.

Schweiss Offers Choices

Today, Schweiss Doors custom manufactures two types of great commercial doors: the new One- Piece Hydro Power Hydraulic Door and the original Bi-Fold Door with Lift Straps. Schweiss Doors now ships commercial hydraulic doors and bi-fold doors throughout the United States and worldwide! We build the strongest, safest commercial doors, agricultural doors, aviation doors and more.

What Schweiss Does Best

Schweiss Doors provides simply the best hydraulic doors on the market: we manufacture the safest, most cost-effective, highest quality overhead commercial door products available today. Just ask our customers! They love our high-quality commercial doors and our commitment to customer care and service with honesty and integrity.

When Ready to Order

Our professional, courteous and knowledgeable sales staff is ready to answer your hydraulic door and bi-fold door questions. We are committed to customer care and service with honesty and integrity, so give us a call!